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Praha 1 – Hradčany, Pohořelec 114/22 CZ

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About Us


We are a company which represents premium fashion brands on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market. Our aim is to inspire, pamper you and provide you the energy and self-confidence you need – because the rest is up to you.

More than 500 employees are ready to look after you every day, doing their utmost to ensure that the right goods are in the stores and that our stores are a place you want to keep coming back to.


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WORLD 2017

According to the Chinesehoroscope 2017 will be the year of the Fire Rooster- curious, diligent andaccurate. The Paris Disneyland this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary.And 3300 viewer watched on the spot the blunder at the 2017 Academy Awards whenthe best film winner was named mistakenly.


In March weare going to open the biggest GANT flagship store in Central Europe. Theshopping mall Chodov will host also new stores of fashion brands Cremieux, Barbour and La Martina.

We are looking forwardto the new KARL LAGERFELD brand, which will be represented by stores right attwo places in Prague, one being the already mentioned Chodov and the othervenue is Myslbek.


  • OstravaBARBOUR Store Nová Karolina
  • Bánská BystricaBARBOUR Store Europa SC

WORLD 2016

A single hair of John Lennon was auctioned for 35,000 USD. Bob Dylan receives the Nobel prize for literature. The longest commercial flight by Emirates from Dubai to Auckland (17 hours and 15 minutes) was launched.... and Donald Trump was elected the American president.


We are greeting, although so far only in Slovakia, the KARL LAGERFELD brand...but a couple of months a new brand shop will open also in the Czech Republic.


  • PrahaCREMIEUX Store Myslbek
  • PrahaNAUTICA Store Chodov
  • Banská BystricaLA MARTINA Outlet BB Europa
  • OstravaLA MARTINA Outlet Ostrava Nová Karolina
  • ZlínNAUTICA Store Zlín Zlaté Jablko

WORLD 2015

On the spring equinox we could observe an eclipse of the Sun, when the Moon is located just between the Earth and the Sun. The next full eclipse of the Sun in the Czech Republic will be on 7 October 2135... and by the way, an unbelievable one billion people connected to Facebook this year.


We welcomed 4 new brands this year: Nautica, Odd Molly, Tiger of Sweden and Barbour and operated 70 of our own stores.


  • ChvaloviceVERMONT Outlet Hatě
  • BiatorbágyVERMONT Outlet Biatorbágy
  • PrahaVERMONT Kids Store Zličín
  • BratislavaTIGER OF SWEDEN Store Aupark
  • PrahaODD MOLLY Store Chodov
  • PrahaNAUTICA Store Metropole Zličín
  • PrahaNAUTICA Store Černý Most
  • BratislavaNAUTICA Store Arena Plaza
  • PrahaBARBOUR Store Myslbek

WORLD 2014

14 February was truly a day of love! On this day a new Guinness world record was made, specifically for the longest hug. On St. Valentine's day, 26 pairs in Thailand broke a record when they hugged for 26 hours, 26 minutes and 26 seconds. Are you feeling up to the challenge? :)


The La Martina brand expanded into Slovakia.


  • PrahaLM & PP Outlet Fashion Arena
  • BratislavaLA MARTINA Store Aupark

WORLD 2013

This year we added new words into the dictionary: twerk and selfie. Lance Armstrong admitted he used prohibited substances and Edward Snowden leaked thousands upon thousands of top secret NSA documents for the whole world to see.


An outdoor wave burst into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the form of the new brand Peak Performance. We also welcomed the La Martina brand to our family this year.


  • PrahaGANT Store Černý Most
  • TrenčínGANT Outlet Trenčín Laugaricio
  • PolgárGANT Woman Outlet Polgár M3
  • PrahaPEAK PERFORMANCE Store Chodov
  • VoderadyGANT Outlet Voderady
  • PrahaLA MARTINA Store Palladium
  • BudapestLA MARTINA Store MOM Park
  • BratislavaPEAK PERFORMANCE Store Aupark
  • ModřiceLA MARTINA Store Brno Olympia

WORLD 2012

The Mayan calendar predicted the world is going to end in 2012. Luckily, the world is still spinning but this event was an inspiration for a number of movies and TV shows. Felix Baumgarner jumped from the stratosphere. The jump was broadcasted live and made us all dizzy. Fortunately, Felix landed safe and sound.


We had 48 GANT stores within the framework of direct representation.


  • Hradec KrálovéGANT Store Hradec Králové
  • PlzeňGANT Outlet Plzeň Plaza
  • PrahaGANT Woman Store Chodov
  • PrahaGANT Woman Store Nový Smíchov
  • BratislavaGANT Store Central
  • BratislavaGANT Woman Store Avion
  • PrahaGANT Woman Outlet Fashion Arena

WORLD 2011

The biggest event of 2011 was without a doubt the wedding of the British Prince William and Kate Middleton. Over 240 million people watched it on their TVs all over the world. The ceremony took place on 29 April 2011 in the historical Westminster Abbey in London. This day was declared a national holiday in the United Kingdom.


We opened what was then the fourth store selling only children’s fashion.


  • NitraGANT Store Nitra Mlyny
  • PrahaGANT Woman Store Myslbek
  • PrahaVERMONT Kids Store Chodov
  • Banská BystricaGANT Woman Store BB Europa
  • Ústí nad LabemGANT Outlet Ústí nad Labem Forum

WORLD 2010

The highest man-made building Burj Khalifa in Dubai is opened. It is an unbelievable 828 meters high. It holds the record for being the highest building in the world and for being the first building where Google Maps allow users to see inside: corridors, public areas inside the buildings and views from different floors are all available.


We underwent large-scale expansion in Slovakia. We had almost 150 employees.


  • BratislavaGANT Man Store Eurovea
  • BratislavaGANT Woman Store Eurovea
  • Banská BystricaGANT Man Store BB Europa
  • BrnoGANT Store Brno Vaňkovka
  • OstravaGANT Store Ostrava Nová Karolina
  • LiberecGANT Store Liberec Forum
  • ŽilinaGANT Store Žilina Mirage
  • KošiceGANT Store Košice Galéria

WORLD 2009

Barack Obama became the first Afro-American president. Greenland is currently the least densely populated country in the world. The most popular Japanese fashion look is surprising: Goth ninja! The most played song is Lady Gaga's Poker Face and at the same time Lady Gaga was said to be dressed too ordinary.


We opened 5 GANT stores in Hungary. GANT appeared in other regions of the Czech Republic too.


  • ChvaloviceGANT Outlet Hatě Freeport
  • PardubiceGANT Store Palác Pardubice
  • BudapestGANT Store Arena Plaza
  • BudapestGANT Store Rózsakert
  • ModřiceGANT Store Brno Olympia
  • PolgárGANT Man Outlet Polgár M3
  • BiatorbágyGANT Man Outlet Biatorbágy Premier
  • BiatorbágyGANT Woman Outlet Biatorbágy Premier

WORLD 2008

Invisibility has left the realm of impossible! Scientist from California have discovered an invisibility cloak. They were inspired by Harry Potter and discored a material that is 10x thinner than paper and bends light waves around the covered object, with creates the invisibility effect. It has no practical applications yet, but we hope it will become trendy soom! :)


We continued to grow – we already had almost 90 employees!


  • PrahaGANT Man Store Nový Smíchov
  • PrahaGANT Man Outlet Fashion Arena
  • PrahaGANT Store Arkády Pankrác
  • BudapestGANT Woman Store MOM Park

WORLD 2007

The Czech Republic entered the Schengen Area; this allows us to travel to most European countries without stopping at the border. The last book of the Harry Potter series was published in the summer and we were introduced to the first iPhone.


We opened another children’s store. At this moment in time, we had 15 GANT stores in the 3 countries we operate in.


  • PrahaGANT Store Šestka
  • BudapestGANT Man Store MOM Park
  • BratislavaGANT Man Store Avion
  • PrahaGANT Man Store Chodov
  • BratislavaVERMONT Kids Store Aupark
  • BudapestVERMONT Kids Store MOM Park
  • PrahaGANT Store Palladium

WORLD 2005

2005 was the year of flying. The American billionaire Steve Fosset successfully flew around the Earch, alone and without landing or fuelling. He landed his plane on the airport in Kansas, USA, after a 67-hour long flight. The American space shuttle Discovery also landed successfully in California.


Our little ones also deserve to wear stylish clothing just like their parents. In this year, we opened the first children’s store in Prague.


  • PrahaVERMONT Kids Store Myslbek

WORLD 2004

Facebook was introduced this year - a social network that changed our lives forever, even though we didn't know it just yet. Jennifer Aniston was chosen as the most beautiful woman in the world by People and Friends ended on 6 May - most of us shed a tear to see this TV show go.


We opened branches outside of Prague in the Czech Republic – in Zlín and Plzeň. We had 10 shops in 3 countries this year.


  • PrahaGANT Store Letňany
  • PrahaGANT Store Flóra
  • PlzeňGANT Outlet Plzeň Olympia
  • ZlínGANT Store Zlín Zlaté jablko
  • PrahaGANT Store Metropole Zličín

WORLD 2003

The hottest fashion trend all over the world are colorful striped stockings. In 2003 everybody was in love with Finding Nemo - a beautiful animated movie by Pixar. Britney kissed Madonne and we all used Nokia phones.


Slowly but surely, we also began to grow in Hungary, a country which fell in love with the brand.


  • BudapestGANT Store Mammut

WORLD 1999

The population on Earth has reached 6 billion people and many of us are afraid of computers reaching the year 2000. In the end, there was nothing to worry about. A new currency called the Euro is introduced and radios keep playing Baby One More Time by Britney Spears all day long.


In this year, we were already looking after you in 3 countries, for the time being only representing the GANT brand, but things were soon to change.


  • BratislavaGANT Man Store Aupark
  • BratislavaGANT Woman Store Aupark
  • PrahaGANT Man Store Myslbek
  • BudapestGANT Store WestEnd

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