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VERMONT Holding a.s.

Praha 1 – Hradčany, Pohořelec 114/22 CZ

+420 233 006 006,

Press Contact: pr@vermont.eu | PRESS ROOM VERMONT

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Style, quality and a little extra. Membership in the VERMONT Club will make shopping for your favourite brands an even more pleasant experience.

The benefits

  • A printed brochure with the current collections of the brands we represent by post delivered right to your door
  • Information about collections in shops and special offers by text message or e-mail
  • Adjustment of clothing purchased from us
  • Exchange of unused goods in their original packaging up to 14 calendar days from the date of purchase
  • The possibility of collecting VERMONT points for your purchases in our shops in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in Hungary
  • The possibility of getting a VERMONT VIP Voucher

How to collect VERMONT points for your purchases

With every registered purchase, you can gain the corresponding number of VERMONT points.The value of 1 VERMONT point in the respective currency of the individual countries is as follows:
1 VERMONT point= 3,20 CZK or 0,1354 EUR or 30,74 HUF

Half the value of points is counted when you purchase discounted goods and also when you purchase goods in outlet stores.

How to get a VERMONT VIP Voucher

If you collect VERMONT Points for your purchases, you can get a VERMONT VIP Voucher to shop with even greater discounts if you accumulate the required number of points in the monitored period.


10.000 – 17.999 points

= 1 Voucher once the monitored period has ended

18.000 – 24.999 points

= 2 Vouchers once the monitored period has ended

25.000 and more points

= 3 Vouchers once the monitored period has ended

We use the term monitored period for the period of time in which registered purchases are monitored. The SPRING/SUMMER period begins on 25.12. 2016 and ends 18. 6. 2017. The AUTUMN/WINTER period starts on the day following the day on which the previous period ends and ends on 24.12. inclusive.

How to use a VERMONT VIP Voucher

  • If you get one or more VERMONT VIP Vouchers, you can use them for your next one-off purchase with a discount of 50% on the original retail price.
  • Each Voucher can be used for any brand of your choice.
  • The validity of the Voucher is specified in the information sent electronically to your e-mail address.
  • Validity of Vouchers cannot be prolonged.
  • Vouchers can be used in all of the shops in the VERMONT Group with the exception of outlet stores.
  • Vouchers can only be used on a one-off basis. Once a voucher has been used, no further purchases can be made using it.
  • We will gladly provide you more information in any of the shops in the VERMONT network or at club@vermont.eu