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What are the benefits of club membership?


is unique

Therefore, custom tailoring
is for free.

for shopping

You will get points for every purchase you make in our stores in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary and on the e-shop and

You can change
your mind

Stylish magazine
to your home

to know

You will be the first one to know about new collections and special events through newsletter or SMS.

One step further...

Vermont VIP Voucher

Enable you to receive a discount of up to 50% off standard prices, even before the start of official sales.


Extension of the loyalty program for premium customers, which enables BLACK and SILVER customers to enjoy 2 exclusive benefits: VERMONT Payback and VERMONT Chodov Lounge.

Vermont Lounge

The elegant Lounge will immediately transport you from a noisy shopping centre to a quiet and peaceful area where you can relax and enjoy your favourite coffee together with delicious desserts and other specialties of the VERMONT Lounge, which are always freshly prepared. There is also a Wi-Fi connection available for the whole time you are there. This lets you deal with urgent business matters in the discreet atmosphere of the Lounge. If your status is BLACK, the Lounge is available with no need for a prior reservation.

Reservation of VERMONT LOUNGE

If your status is BLACK, the Lounge is available with no need for a prior reservation. If your status is SILVER, you can use the Lounge at any time during opening hours after making a prior reservation at any outlet or by calling +420 731 434 990.

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