Vermont status

Extension of the loyalty program for premium customers, which enables BLACK and SILVER customers to enjoy an exclusive benefit: VERMONT Payback.

How to obtain VERMONT Status?

A registered member of the VERMONT Club just needs to collect enough Status Points to gain membership in the extension of the VERMONT Status loyalty program. Depending on the number of points, VERMONT Status is divided into two levels: SILVER or BLACK Status.

Status Points

To obtain SILVER status you need to have received at least 25 000 Status Points during the last 2 years , for BLACK status you need a minimum of 75 000 Status Points. 
The value of 1 Status Point is 3.20 CZK or 0.1354 EUR or 30.74 HUF. Status Points are collected solely from full-price purchases, in non-outlet stores and at the and e-shops.



25 000 - 74 999


75 000 +







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What is VERMONT Payback?

On each additional registered purchase, a customer with SILVER/BLACK status receives 3% (SILVER) / 5 % (BLACK) of the value of the purchase back in the form of credit on their customer account. As soon as the customer has enough credit, it may be exchanged for clothing

What are the rules for drawing VERMONT Payback?
  • Payback credit is always drawn off the original retail prices
  • Credit may not be combined with other discounts, vouchers or special offers
  • Credit may not be topped up using money; the only way to increase the value of credit is a personal overdraft
  • Credit may be drawn in all stores of the VERMONT Holding a.s. group, with the exception of outlet shops and the,, a e-shops.
What is a personal overdraft?
A customer may increase their credit through a personal overdraft, which for SILVER customers is 10% of the value of the credit collected and 20% for BLACK customers. If the personal overdraft is used, with each subsequent purchase the overdraft is paid off first, after which credit is awarded.
How can I find out whether I’m a member of VERMONT Status?
You will be informed of your membership by your favourite store from the VERMONT Holding a.s. group.
Excluded range
Status Points, the awarding of Payback credit and the drawing of Payback credit do not apply for gift vouchers.
How long is a customer a member of VERMONT Status?
As soon as a customer obtains VERMONT Status, that customer is a member of the extension until the Decisive Day. The Decisive Day always falls on 1 January and the next Decisive Day is on 1 January 2025. The number of the customer’s Status Points is assessed on the Decisive Day and if the customer does not have sufficient points for SILVER or BLACK status on that day, he or she ceases to be a member of VERMONT Status and is no longer entitled to use VERMONT Payback. If the customer loses their VERMONT Status on the Decisive Day but still has credit from the previous period, that customer must draw the credit within 6 months or the credit will expire on 1 July. It will expire no earlier than on 1 July 2024.


Enable you to receive a discount of up to 50% off standard prices, even before the start of official sales.